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 Trickjump tutorial

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PostSubject: Trickjump tutorial   Trickjump tutorial Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 11:21 am

K guys many people on the trick jump server ask me how do i do the leet jumps. For those of u who dont know the l33t jumps r the pro ones after regular. This tutorial i shall show u how to do the l33t jumps in an explantion and in a video of me filming myself.Lets begin shall we.

1. Begin in a crouching position facing which ever way u want either left or right of the first platform.

2. As u begin to trun hold down either W+A (if u faced left at first), or W+D (if u faced right at first).

3. While in the air slowly be turning the way that you hav started off as for the first two jumps. (demonstraion in video)

4. When u hit the thrid platform change your direction quit fast like in the opposite direction.

5. From then on out on the rest of the platforms for me to get maximum speed i alernate direction every platform. And always change directions quite fast to be able to keep up with the ever growing space between the platforms.

Here is the video of the steps above put together. To get this video to work download it and save it to your Epub folder, which is located in the wolfenstein folder. then click on demo and save there. Next log completly onto non bots and then disconnect from the server not the full game itself. Now click replays and it shood b there ready to watch.
Enjoy the video.->http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MHUAM9P1
If no time i was able to make and u shall be able too if you follow these directions. You wont be able to get it on your first try but kepp trying and soon you will be able to do them. I didnt complete my first day of trick jumoing. O and if anyoe wood like to sticky this feel free to lol.

(originally posted by Jok3r) For more Info visit www.therandomclan.net / www.therandomclan.net/downloads

Beginners Tr!ck Jump!

Read furthur to learn how to trickjump
Start with your back towards the jump
Start the jump off with a u formation
Now here is how to keep the jump going...

While turning to the left you must be holding w+a+shift
While turning to the right you must be holding w+d+shift
When you begin your jump start off with two jumps turning left
And then slowly turn to your right side. Keep your mouse
movements slow and at a constistant rate for the jump

Remember you cannot stop in between jumps, you must keep
jumping as soon as you hit the next jump pad.
How fast your mouse movements are effect your speed.
The faster your mouse movements the faster you go. keep them smooth.

You must keep those steps in your mind at all times
This will take alot of practice and you will get very frusterated
Good luck and i hope this helps
Made by *[R]-R!tz'

I hope this helps you alot better, if you want to thank, you are most welcome to only at www.therandomclan.net Smile
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Trickjump tutorial
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