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 Removing ET Bans

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Removing ET Bans Empty
PostSubject: Removing ET Bans   Removing ET Bans Icon_minitimeThu Mar 26, 2009 7:16 am

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Temp ban by kick vote, or normal referee kick

If you get normal kick (Server disconnected - Player kicked), you can remove your ban by typing the following commands in your console:

\net_port x - Changes your netport. Replace the x with some number between 27000-30000
\net_restart -Updates your net port.
\vid_restart - To avoid "unpure client" -error.
\reconnect - If you want to join back to the server

Notice: The above method is only for windows. If you are using linux, you can simply disconenct from your net, and then reconnect to have a new ip. This should be easy if you have a shortcut to your internet connection.

Temp ban by adminmod or PB for X minutes / etkey permanently banned

Simply remove etkey (backup), and type /pb_cdkeyreg before joining to server.

ETpro guid ban

Some serverside mods can ban by ETpro guid (40 digits, \guids in console @ etpro server). Simply use ETpro guidspoofer to remove the ban.

IP ban

It depends of your internet provider if you can change your IP. If you got basic DSL connection and when you reconnect to internet, some parts of your IP should change. Once your IP is changed you are not banned anymore. For example IP 123.456.80.70 could change to 123.456.34.54. Website to check your IP: http://www.whatismyip.org

SUBnet ban / IP ban

Well this is the most tricky ban, because everybody can't change whole IP. When you get subnet ban, server has banned you by first digits of your IP address (2 first slots). For example if your subnet is 123.456, then your IP is always 123.456.XXX.XXX and always when you reconnect to internet the X letters are replaced with new numbers, but 123.456 stays the same. Even SMAC address changer can't help everybody in this case..
Download link for SMAC:

Hardware ban by Punkbuster

You may use HWSPOOFER to get rid of it. Non PB servers are still playable normal way. If you are rich bitch, buy a new motherboard or something..

Good luck with removing bans! Very Happy
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Removing ET Bans
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