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 How to Upload and Use the Video to Share

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How to Upload and Use the Video to Share Empty
PostSubject: How to Upload and Use the Video to Share   How to Upload and Use the Video to Share Icon_minitimeSun Mar 01, 2009 11:17 am

This thread will help you be able to upload a video you have recorded and then be able to post it on here to where anyone can see it. Lets begin.

1. Record a video. (See Element's Thread on how to do this)

2. Go to Your Wolfenstein Folder/Etpub/Demos/Then whatever number your demo was

3. Then change the name of the video to what you have just taken a video of. Example: L33t Jumping

4. Now go to www.megaupload.com

5. Click on brose and search for the video you hav just taken.
Example: wolfentein folder/etpub/demos/L33t Jumping

6. Now make a descripiton and check the box on agree to the terms.

7. Now click send dont fill anything else on that page.

8. Now once you hav done that let it upload until you see a page similiar to this. megaupload.com MHUAM9P1

9. Now just copy the link and paste it to where you want.

That is how you can upload a video using megaupload.com.
Now to be able to watch the video you must do this.

1. Click the link someone has posted to the site.

2. Towards the top right you shood see three letters in capital letters with an empty box next to them.

3. Type the letters you see in the box then click Download.

4. Wait for it to download (which takes 45 seconds)

5. Then click Free Download which will pop up after the timer goes away.

6. Now when a little box appears just click save and then save it to this:
wolfentein folder/etpub/demos. then call it what you want and finish running download.

7. Now get onto wolfenstein and log onto Non Bots'. Once you have completly logged on, just log off the server not the full game itself.

8. Once back in the main starting menu click replays, and find the video (it will be whatevr you called it)

9. Click on it to highlight it and click on view. Grab some popcorn and get ready to watch the video you have just taken or someone else has taken.

Hope this thread comes in handy for anybody out there that needs help on How To Upload And Watch Wolfenstien Videos!!!
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How to Upload and Use the Video to Share
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